This is a small library for reading and writing C3D binary files. C3D files are a standard format for recording 3-dimensional time sequence data, especially data recorded by a 3D motion tracking apparatus.


Install with pip:

pip install c3d

Or if you’d like to use the bleeding-edge version, just clone the github repository and build and install using the normal Python setup process:

git clone
cd py-c3d
python install



This package includes a script for converting C3D motion data to CSV format (c3d2csv) and an OpenGL-based visualization tool for observing the motion described by a C3D file (c3d-viewer).


To use the C3D library, just import the package and create a c3d.Reader or c3d.Writer depending on your intended usage:

import c3d

with open('data.c3d', 'rb') as handle:
    reader = :class:`c3d.Reader`(handle)
    for i, (points, analog) in enumerate(reader.read_frames()):
        print('Frame {}: {}'.format(i, points.round(2)))

You can also get and set metadata fields using the library; see the package documentation for more details.

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